Christina Henning

Chris Henning grew up on a farm, and since 1992, has been managing her own farmland in Greene county. Henning has implemented several conservation practices on her farm including buffer strips along streams, wetlands, conservation on highly erodible land, pollinator habitat, cover crops, and three-year crop rotations. She also plants non GMO beans and edible crops including beans, potatoes and other vegetables.

Protecting her farm’s soil and water resources are the main reasons why she began using these conservation techniques, and the reason she continues to use them today.

Henning has a daughter, Angela, and a son, Scott. She is heavily involved within her community, mostly working with non-profits and community advocacy efforts.

Building a Culture of Conservation: “Our natural resources are the source of life and diversity, and we must honor and protect the commons for the sustainability of our farms and our communities.”

Highlights from a field day that Chris hosted on her farm in October 2012:

Field Day held on Henning's Farm in 2012

Cover Crops Field Day held on Henning's Farm in 2012 Field Day held on Henning's Farm in 2012