Wallaces Farmer Columns

The Iowa Learning Farms writes an article for Wallaces Farmer each month. Below are links to the PDF pages of the magazine in which ILF stories appear:


January - pages 26-27 "Solve problems by getting to their core"

February - pages 24-25 "Follow conservation goals for the '20s"
                 pages 32-33 "Leopold Center still helping Iowans"
                 online "Conservation Learning Group adds staff"

March - pages 30-31 "Miscanthus grass offers profitable opportunities"
             page 42 "Think differently to aid conservation"
             online "Conservation-minded farmers share ideas"

April - page 32 "Trees: Silent partner in water quality progress"
          page 47 "Music, dance spreads conservation message"

May - page 20 "Benefits beyond yields: 10 years of cover crops"

June - page 18 "Pandemic has field days turning to virtual reality"
           online "2020 brings new way to intern at Water Rocks"
July - page 22 "Manual can help spur conservation"
          online "Returning to learning with Water Rocks!"


January - pages 62-63 "Learning life lessons as ISU Water Resources interns"

February - Page 22 "Ag secretary talks conservation"

March - pages 40-41 "Conservation trailers hit road for water quality"
             online "Iowa Learning Farms celebrates 15th anniversary"
             online "Early Years of Iowa Learning Farms"
             online "Delivering conservation message to kids"
             online "Iowa Learning Farms delivers conservation message"

April - page 28 "Cover crop acres rise at slower rate"
          page 39 "Kids rock over conservation"
          online "Water quality, conservation thrust of Elaine Ilvess’ work"
          online "Helping farmers find answers to water quality questions"

May - page 20 "May is Wetlands Month" 
          online "Making conservation a normal way of doing business"
          online "Conservation farming: A tale of 3 farms"

June - page 20 "Online resources aid new farmers"
           online "Reaching out to emerging farmers"
           online "Worms: Harbingers of healthy soil"
           online "Prevented planning should not mean no planting"

July -  online "An innovative, effective conservation program"
           online "Engagement and education through partnering"

August -   page 70 "Conservation leaders help ILF celebrate 15 years"
                page 102 "A fresh crop of interns"
                online "Water Rocks! Summit teaches the teachers"

September - pages 54-55 "Iowa Learning Farms message reaches Australia"
                     online "Truly committed to conservation farming"

October - pages 36-37 "Wildlife habitat can pay its way"
                online "Report: Conservation group increases its reach"
                online "Continuing to build a Culture of Conservation"

November - page 22 "Singing bare soil blues"

December - page 34 "Should farmers switch to grass?"


January -  page 41 "Assessment card helps keep soil in top health"

February -  page 44 "Who owns any creek?"

March -  page 44 "Lessons learned from a career in cover crops"

April -  page 30 "Watersheds reduce flooding, improve water"

May -  page 25 "Working to improve water quality"
           page 27 "Cover crop acres rising in Iowa at slower rate"

June  - online only "Planning field days just got easier"
            page 25 "Bear Creek improvements show results"

July -   page 40 "College Interns spread water quality message"
             front page "Conservation on the edge"; page 2

August - page 36 "Spring travels influence conservation goals"
              page 48 "Goal made: ILF visits state's 100 county fairs"; page 2

September -  page 50 "Taking conservation to a new level"
                      page 52 "Edge-of-field knowledge keeps moving forward"
                      page 53 "ILF leader: Conservation takes curiosity, creativity"

October - page 42 "Working with nature to achieve your goals"; page 2

November - page 50 "Social media campaign to promote cover crops"
                    page 74 "Water Rocks! revs up for another school year"

December - page 18 "Study: Covers reduce nitrates without hurting yield"
                    page 28 "Edge-of-field demos hit the mark"


December -  page 28 "Project's aim: Flooding, water quality"

November -  page 56 "Reducing nutrient loss in watershed"

October -  page 32 "Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy creates a more resilient Iowa economy"

September -  page 56 "Water Rocks! debuts latest watershed game"

August -  page 48 "Will Palmer fears hurt conservation?" ; page 2  
                page 76 "Communication can aid water quality" ; page 2 

July -       page 23 "Land use changes can benefit fields and profits"  
                page 42-43 "Farming prairie potholes -- and other wet areas" ; page 2

June -       page 10 "No-till or strip till, what works best for you?" 
                 page 23 "Conservation podcast shares farmers' link to land" 

May -       page 3 "The scoop on wetlands, bioreactors and buffers"

April -       page 28 "Starting the conservation dialogue on cover crops"
                 page 29 "Cover crop acres grow despite tighter budgets" 

March -     page 29 "'Talking with your tenant' new series from ILF" 
                  page 58 "How cover crops affect corn,soybean yield"
                  page 63 "Familiar face returns to Iowa Learning Farms"

February - page 24 "Cover crop workshops planned"
                  page 36 "The latest on corn, nitrogen and rye cover crops" 

January - page 34 "Water Rocks! engages youth through music" 
Archived Articles from 2014, 2015 and 2016


ILF Journal Articles

Rapid Needs Assessment and Response Technique, April 2018, Journal of Extension

Field Day Success Loop, December 2017, Journal of Extension

Cooperative Extension and Practicing Anthropology: A Natural Fit, Spring 2019, Practicing Anthropology


ILF Opinion Articles

As Iowa Learning Farms celebrated its 10-year Anniversary in 2014, a series of opinion articles were sent to newspapers across Iowa. These op-ed articles support the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Iowa Learning Farms goal of adopting conservation practices on the land.
'Voluntary' shouldn't mean optional
Consider Wetlands
Cover crops are a conservation bargain
Creating a multifunctional landscape with buffers
 We're all in this together
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy: A Farmer's Perspective
by ILF farmer partner Tim Smith