Wallaces Farmer Columns

The Iowa Learning Farms writes an article for Wallaces Farmer each month. Below are links to the PDF pages of the magazine in which ILF stories appear:


January -  page 41 "Assessment card help keep soil in top health"

February -  page 44 "Who owns any creek?"

March -  page 44 "Lessons learned from a career in cover crops"


December -  page 28 "Project's aim: Flooding, water quality"

November -  page 56 "Reducing nutrient loss in watershed"

October -  page 32 "Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy creates a more resilient Iowa economy"

September -  page 56 "Water Rocks! debuts latest watershed game"

August -  page 48 "Will Palmer fears hurt conservation?" ; page 2  
                page 76 "Communication can aid water quality" ; page 2 

July -       page 23 "Land use changes can benefit fields and profits"  
                page 42-43 "Farming prairie potholes -- and other wet areas" ; page 2

June -       page 10 "No-till or strip till, what works best for you?" 
                 page 23 "Conservation podcast shares farmers' link to land" 

May -       page 3 "The scoop on wetlands, bioreactors and buffers"

April -       page 28 "Starting the conservation dialogue on cover crops"
                 page 29 "Cover crop acres grow despite tighter budgets" 

March -     page 29 "'Talking with your tenant' new series from ILF" 
                  page 58 "How cover crops affect corn,soybean yield"
                  page 63 "Familiar face returns to Iowa Learning Farms"

February - page 24 "Cover crop workshops planned"
                  page 36 "The latest on corn, nitrogen and rye cover crops" 

January - page 34 "Water Rocks! engages youth through music" 
Archived Articles from 2014, 2015 and 2016


ILF Opinion Articles

As Iowa Learning Farms celebrated its 10-year Anniversary in 2014, a series of opinion articles were sent to newspapers across Iowa. These op-ed articles support the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Iowa Learning Farms goal of adopting conservation practices on the land.
'Voluntary' shouldn't mean optional
Consider Wetlands
Cover crops are a conservation bargain
Creating a multifunctional landscape with buffers
 We're all in this together
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy: A Farmer's Perspective
by ILF farmer partner Tim Smith