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January - page 36 "COVID-19 and conservation recap"
                online "Spoken Earth helps youth find their conservation voice"
                online "Beaver dams: Nuisance or conservation practice?"

February - page 42 "Better understand world as a citizen of science"

March - page 24 "Diverse aquatic wildlife found in Iowa"
             page 36: "Interns help expand water, natural resource offerings"

April/May - page 23: "Watershed coalition succeeding in eastern Iowa"
                  page 36: "Iowa Learning Farms' weekly webinars gain in popularity"

June - page 22: "Student videos share info on soil health challenges"
           page 32: "Students draw inspiration from natural resources"

July - page 28: "Drainage water recycling helps control nitrate, acts as hedge against drought"
          page 44: "Marsh Madness mobile learning station debuts"

August - page 8: "Conservation Stations receive award for innovation"
              page 82: "Water resources interns learn, teach on the job"

September - page 82 "Lessons from Conservation Learning Labs project"

October - page 36 "Art assists in making conservation topics accessible"
                page 51 "Water Rocks! now back at schools and online"

November - page 46 "Conservation case studies help ag students learn"
                    page 50 "Marsh Madness trailer keeps busy this year"
                    online "Stewardship knowledge comes directly to youth"


January - pages 26-27 "Solve problems by getting to their core"

February - pages 24-25 "Follow conservation goals for the '20s"
                 pages 32-33 "Leopold Center still helping Iowans"
                 online "Conservation Learning Group adds staff"

March - pages 30-31 "Miscanthus grass offers profitable opportunities"
             page 42 "Think differently to aid conservation"
             online "Conservation-minded farmers share ideas"

April - page 32 "Trees: Silent partner in water quality progress"
          page 47 "Music, dance spreads conservation message"

May - page 20 "Benefits beyond yields: 10 years of cover crops"

June - page 18 "Pandemic has field days turning to virtual reality"
           online "2020 brings new way to intern at Water Rocks"
July - page 22 "Manual can help spur conservation"
          online "Returning to learning with Water Rocks!"

August - page 26 "Conservation photo winners named"
              page 54 "Online know-how aids conservation programs"

September - online "Water Rocks and ag engineering — an odd couple?"

October - page 28 "Prairie strips: Interest strong and growing"
                page 36 "Tree care: Derecho damages not only crops, but also woodlands"

November - page 36 "Nitrogen matters: Taking the first step"
                   online "Puppets teach youth about conservation"

December - page 38 "The field edge redefined"

Archived Articles from 2014-2019


ILF Journal Articles

Effectively Conducting Field Days While Responding to Unprecedented External Restrictions, October 2020, Journal of Extension

Rapid Needs Assessment and Response Technique, April 2018, Journal of Extension

Field Day Success Loop, December 2017, Journal of Extension

Cooperative Extension and Practicing Anthropology: A Natural Fit, Spring 2019, Practicing Anthropology


ILF Opinion Articles

As Iowa Learning Farms celebrated its 10-year Anniversary in 2014, a series of opinion articles were sent to newspapers across Iowa. These op-ed articles support the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy and Iowa Learning Farms goal of adopting conservation practices on the land.
'Voluntary' shouldn't mean optional
Consider Wetlands
Cover crops are a conservation bargain
Creating a multifunctional landscape with buffers
 We're all in this together
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy: A Farmer's Perspective
by ILF farmer partner Tim Smith