J. Kelly Tobin

When his father passed away in 1949, Kelly Tobin took over his family’s farm and, with the exception of two years in the service, he has been farming ever since. Kelly grows corn and soybeans along with cover crops and CRP. He began using no-till in 1979 and cover crops in 2008. Kelly also added structures and terraces to help save the soil and keep fertilizer in place.

Kelly is involved with the Iowa Barn Foundation, State Soil Conservation Committee and State Technical Committee. He and his wife, Irene, have four sons: Jim, Terry, Kevin, and Bernie.

Building a Culture of Conservation: “We have to keep saving the soil to keep clean water. Cover crops and no-till go together and help build up the soil.”

Tobin Family receives Iowa Farm Environmental Leader award

The Tobin family was one of the famiies to receive the first annual
Iowa Farm Environmental Leader award, presented by Gov. Branstad at the Iowa State Fair in 2012.