Edge of Field Webinars and Podcasts | Building a Culture of Conservation

Edge of Field Webinars and Podcasts

Iowa Learning Farms Webinars and Conservation Chats focused on edge-of-field practices.


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Please note that the opinions of the presenters are not necessarily the views of Iowa Learning Farms.
With the webinar series, ILF is providing a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

October 2020: Chris Hay
Choosing an Edge-of-Field Practice: Decision Trees Can Help

August 2020: Karen Wilke
Scaling up Oxbow Wetland Restorations for Multiple Benefits

June 2020: William Crumpton
Environmental Performance of Wetlands Receiving Non-Point Source Nutrient Loads: Benefits and Limitations of Targeted Wetland Restorations

May 2020: Kay Stefanik
Wetland Ecosystem Services: How Wetlands Can Benefit Iowans

June 2019: Chris Hay
Drainage Water Recycling: An Emerging Conservation Drainage Practice

November 2018: Matt Helmers
Conservation Learning Labs: Evaluating Nutrient Reduction Practice Implementation at the Delivery Scale

October 2018: Steven Hall
Wet spots as hot spots: Understanding and managing nitrogen losses from hydric soil landscapes

April 2018: Dan Jaynes
Update on Saturated Buffers

November 2017: Laura Christianson
Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors: Past, Present and Future 

September 2017: Matt Helmers
Edge-of-Field Practices: What is Needed and What Will It Take?

October 2016: Matt Helmers
Drainage and Water Quality: Common Questions and Misconceptions 

September 2015: Richard Cooke and Chad Ingels

June 2014: Dan Jaynes
Saturated Buffers for Nitrate Removal

July 2014: Jesse Randall
Riparian Buffers and Windbreaks

December 2013: Bill Crumpton
Wetlands as Nutrient Sinks in Agricultural Landscapes

December 2012: Keegan Kult
Iowa Soybean Association Bioreactor Results

May 2011: Laura Christianson
Bioreactors: Benefits and Challenges


Conservation Chat

Episode 3: Tim Smith: A Whole Farm Approach to Soil Health and Water Quality

Episode 5: Rob Stout: Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Awardee

Episode 7: Jamie Benning: Iowa State Universit Extension and Outreach Water Quality Program Manager

Episode 8: ELI: 2015 National Wetland Award Winner: Dr. Jacqueline Comito

Episode 19: Matt Helmers: Implementing Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy

Episode 22: Water Ecology With ISU's Dr. Tom Isenhart

Episode 34: A Whole Farm Approach to Conservation: Farmes Chris Foss and Kristi Heffelmeier

Episode 40: Matt Helmers and Jamie Benning: Improving Iowa's Water Quality