Arliss Nielsen

Arliss Neilsen started farming right out of high school with his father. They added land along the way, and his father retired while in his 40’s. Today, Arliss farms 1200 acres with his son, Todd. They are 6-year no-till farmers and are in their second year of using cover crops on 350 acres. This year they have seeded winter rye, hairy vetch and sweet clover. He thinks the cover crops will give him some advantage in the spring along with the benefits of the additional organic matter. The heavy rains in the summer of 2010 hurt his yields some, but they were good for the region.

Along with corn and soybeans, Neilsen maintains 80 acres of pheasant heaven. He has extensive field borders of mixed trees, shrubs and grasses that provide cover, and also several food plots. He manages toward increasing diversity and the bird population on his land.  Additionally, Arliss maintains two wetlands and a riparian buffer on the White Fox River.

Arliss and his wife Jacqueline have two sons, Randy and Todd, a daughter Shelly, and seven grandchildren. They all enjoy the farm and the wildlife that it supports.

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