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Conservation Stations

The Conservation Station trailer fleet is rolling in 2022! Our request form will open on March 16th.

Iowa Learning Farms partners with Water Rocks! to bring audiences the Conservation Stations—a fleet of mobile learning centers that educate audiences of all ages on different conservation aspects. Each trailer houses a unique combination of highly visual and interactive Iowa-centric demonstrations that delve into the impacts of land management choices, both urban and agricultural, on water quality and the connections between our state’s water, soil, and wildlife.

 Conservation Station Trailer Conservation Station 3 Trailer Conservation Station On The Edge

Conservation Station Trailer at Badger Creek Conservation Station 3 Trailer at Ames Farmers Market Conservation Station On The Edge Models


The Conservation Station fleet is available to travel to events from April-September of each year.

  • We are only able to attend single-day events (or ONE day of a multiple-day event) at this time
  • We are able to be onsite and ‘open for visitors' for a 3-4 hour block of time
  • We provide full staffing—a combination of Iowa State University faculty, staff, and/or student interns—to interact with your event attendees

Space Requirements

Please provide a flat open space of at least 35’ x 60’.

How to Request

Visit the Conservation Station’s online request system.

Please note that submitting a request does not mean the Conservation Station is automatically booked for your event—bookings are not set in stone until you hear from us. We often receive many more requests than we are able to fulfill!


Conservation Station trailer outreach events are available free of charge. Many thanks to our partners for making this possible!

The new Conservation Station "Marsh Madness" trailer was unveiled on May 27, 2021.

The video below shows Matt Helmers, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University, demonstrating the relationships between land management practices, surface runoff, subsurface drainage, and sediment/nutrient transport with the Conservation Station's Rainfall Simulator.

This video offers a sneak peek of the Conservation Station's educational opportunities.

Dr. Matt Helmers demonstrates the Conservation Station On The Edge. The mobile education trailer features models of a saturated buffer and bioreactor. These edge of field practices are key tools in reducing nitrogen loss and meeting Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy Goals.