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"How resilient are our lands here in the Midwest? What is our ability to retain productivity if we have another long drought or continual flooding? Will people still be farming in Iowa 1,500 years from now? Or even 200 years from now? The decisions we make today about our natural resources will affect agricultural production 50 years from now."

--from the video "The Work of Our Hands"

View the Iowa Learning Farms video The Work of Our Hands (9:45) which discusses the relationship of societies and agriculture, historically and today.
(Note Click the three lines in the top left hand corner of the video for the entire playlist.)

View other Iowa Learning Farms videos on the Videos page of this website.

Iowa Learning Farms' publication series "It Begins With You."

Iowa Learning Farms Publication CoversEconomics of Residue
The Cost of Soil Erosion
Transition to No-till
Strip-tillage Crop Management, New! Strip-tillage Infographic
A Whole Farm Approach
Cellulosic Biofuels and Your Farm
Economics of Cover Crops

Other publications in this series include:
Language of Conservation
Urban Conservation Practices
Iowa Watersheds
Water Quality and Conservation Practices
Wetlands Infographic 

*Eight Supplement sheets (by soil region) are also available.  See the "Water" section on this website for the supplements.

To receive printed copies of these handouts, email Iowa Learning Farms:

Cover Crops

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