Doug Nolte

Doug Nolte grew up on a farm that has been in his family at least a century, but has only been farming for 20 years. He and his brother, David, oversee approximately 600 acres on two century farms. One farm has been in their family for more than 140 years. Doug also runs a farrow to finish hog operation.

Doug is a board member of the Muscatine County Farm Bureau and is an officer in the Masonic Lodge.

Building a Culture of Conservation
“There are two reasons to practice conservation: one is for economics; the other is ethics--because it is right. I fall in between the two. The best argument you can make in favor of conservation is both monetary and ethical.”

“I get good results from no-till. I've seen land that has been chiseled every year and have seen a lot of soil move from the land. If we could show the cost of losing the top soil, we might be able to convince more people to use less tillage. You have to understand all of the costs--both direct and indirect.”

Field Day held on Nolte Field

Doug has hosted ILF field days on his farm in 2008 (above) and in 2011 (below).

Field Day held on Nolte Field