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July 1, 2020 at 12:00 PM
Speaker:  Alison Robertson, Professor and Extension Field Crops Pathologist, Iowa State University
Topic: Optimizing Yields of Corn Planted After a Cereal Rye Cover Crop
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July 8: The Business of Cover Crops

With: Matt Carstens (President & CEO, Landus) and Dr. Lee Briese, (independent crop consultant with Centrol of Twin Valley)

Topics include: Cover crop benefits to consulting businesses; working with Co-Ops; client interactions and planning; business case for conservation agriculture.

July 15: Setup and Logistics for Cover Crop Success

With: Bert Strayer (cover crop lead, La Crosse Seed), James Holz (Greene County farmer and co-owner, Iowa Cover Crop), Dean Sponheim (co-owner, Sponheim Seeds and Services), and Nate LeVan (field agronomist, Pioneer)

Topics include: Fall and spring logistics; seeding preparation and process; coordination of services – termination, nutrient management, strip-tillage, crop scouting.

July 22: Conservation Agronomy of Cover Crops: Start to Finish

With: Dave Schwartz (executive vice president of sales in plant nutrition for Verdesian Life Sciences), Meaghan Anderson (ISU Extension field agronomist), and Dr. Eileen Kladivko (professor of agronomy at Purdue University)

Topics include: Managing pests, residuals and herbicides; nitrogen management; agronomics of cover crop advising.

July 29: "Multiple On-Farm Improvements Provided by Prairie Strips" - Tim Youngquist, Farmer Liaison, ISU Prairie STRIPS

August 5: "Scaling up Oxbow Wetland Restorations for Multiple Benefits" - Karen Wilke, Iowa Freshwater Specialist & Boone River Project Director for The Nature Conservancy

August 12: Emily Heaton

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July 9th: Prairie Strips: Small Footprint, Big Impact
1:00pm CDT
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Upcoming Virtual Field Days

July 23: Urban Stream and Riparian Management 
1:00pm CDT

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