Rob Stout

Rob has been farming for 35 years alongside his father.  The farm has been in the family since 1926 and he farms 1,100 acres in addition to managing a hog operation of 9,000 head.  Rob started no-tilling in 1983 after seeing a heavy rain take away a great deal of soil in his neighborhood previously.  Rob has been an active participant in the ILF/PFI Cover Crop project and has been very successful with managing cover crops.  He started with planting 10 acres in his first year, moved to 90 acres in his second year and is currently managing 300 acres of cover crops.

Rob is a member of Farm Bureau, Iowa Corn Growers, Iowa Soybean and Innovative Growers Associations, Iowa Pork Producers Asociation and is a trustee for his church.

Building a Culture of Conservation: “There are a lot of innovators in my area. The early folks have embraced conservation. In 20 years, we have made a lot of progress. The easy changes have been made, but future changes are going to be harder.”

Field Day held on Stout Farm

Rob hosted an ILF/PFI cover crop field day on his farm in June 2011.
There as been a lot of interest in establishing cover crops in the area.

Stout Family receives Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award

The Stout family was one of 67 families to receive the first annual Iowa Farm Environmental Leader Award.
The award was presented by Gov. Branstad at the 2012 Iowa State Fair.