Videos | Building a Culture of Conservation


Incredible Wetlands

A documentary by Water Rocks! explores the biologically productive, and diverse, nature of wetlands and the vital role they play to life on Earth. The film highlights several Iowans who are involved in wetland restoration or construction in Iowa. It explores the wealth of biodiversity in wetlands, their importance for migratory birds and their water quality improvement benefits. Through video and images, this film is witness to the beauty of wetlands.

A Culture of Conservation video series

The video series “A Culture of Conservation” is  a series of six short videos that explore the relationship we have with soil and water and offers ways for everyone to have an active role in protecting and preserving the Earth’s natural resources.

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Building a Culture of Conservation: Iowan to Iowan, a 7-minute video that provides an overview.

Water is Life (8:05) video reminds the audience how important clean water is to the body, the community and the Earth.

We All Have a Place in the Watershed (9:05) defines watersheds and how humans interact within them.

In Don’t Call it Dirt: A Passion for Soil (7:55) viewers are asked to think about soil and how it is used.

The video also provides ideas in which everyone can improve soil quality and keep it where it belongs.

The Work of Our Hands (9:45) discusses the relationship of societies and agriculture, historically and today.

Reclaiming Stewardship (10:45) highlights several Iowans who are working to achieve the goal of building a culture of conservation.

Troubled Waters

(26:21) The video explores our relationship with rivers and streams.

Out to the Lakes

(43:15) This video addresses watersheds and water quality through lakes and the water bodies that feed them.

You can also view all of the ILF videos on Iowa Learning Farms' YouTube channel.