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Please note that the opinions of the presenters are not necessarily the views of Iowa Learning Farms.
With the webinar series, ILF is providing a resource for exchange of ideas and information.


2018 ILF Webinar Archives

January 17: Rob Davis 
Pasture Conservation: Grazing for Soil, Livestock and Wildlife

February 21: Alison Robertson
Who Knew? Cover Crops, Corn, and Water Molds

March 21: Agren, Inc.
Non-Operator Landowners: A Crucial Piece to Natural Resources Conservation

April 18: Dan Jaynes
Update on Saturated Buffers

May 16: Charles Brown 
Cover Crops As Part of the Farm Lease Arrangement

June 20: Sara Berges
Leaving a Conservation Legacy: How to Include Conservation in a Farm Lease and Document Your Conservation Goals

July 18: Chuan Tang
Economic Benefits of Nitrogen Reductions in Iowa


2017 ILF Webinar Archives

September 20: Matt Helmers
Edge-of-Field Practices: What is Needed and What Will It Take?

October 18: Joe Sellers 
Management-Intensive Grazing and Grasslands 

November 15: Laura Christianson
Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors: Past, Present and Future 

December 13: Tom Kaspar
Lessons Learned form Using Cover Crops to Reduce Losses of Nitrate for 15 Years


2016 ILF Webinar Archives

January 21: John Lawrence
A Conversation with Iowa State University Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture
and Life Sciences on the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

February 17: Kevin Meyer
An Economists Approach to Managing Pollution

March 16: Liz Juchems 
The Economic Value of Cover Crops

April 20: Tanya Meyer-Dideriksen and Wren Almitra 
Women, Land, and Legacy Program

May 18: Steven Bradbury 
Monarch Conservation and Agricultural Productivity

June 15: Angie Carter 
Creating Community in Your Watershed

July 20: Jacqueline Comito and Ann Staudt 
Building a Culture of Conservation 

August 17: Lisa Schulte-Moore
Getting Into Soil and Water with PEWI

September 21: Mike Castellano
How Can We Increase Nitrogen Retention and Soil Health?

October 19: Matt Helmers
Drainage and Water Quality: Common Questions and Misconceptions 

November 16: Ann Staudt
Earthworms and Cover Crops: Unlocking the Secrets in Soil 


2015 ILF Webinar Archives

January 27: Bill Northey
A Conversation with Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

February 18: Joe Sellers
Cover Crops and Grazing

March 18: Dan Andersen
Manure: An old fertilizer in a precision age

April 15: Tim Youngquist
Spreading prairie strips to Iowa farms
(We are sorry that the visuals on this webinar are of low quality.)

May 20: Rebecca Ohrtman and Jamie Benning
Source Water Protection Program 

June 17: Sarah Carlson
Cover crops for Iowa from farmers

July 22: Mahdi Al-Kaisi
Healthy Soil for a Sustainable Agriculture System

August 19: Tom Kaspar
Reaching the full potential of cover crops in Iowa

September16: Richard Cooke and Chad Ingels

October 21: Rosalyn Lehman and Nate Hoogeveen
Restoring Iowa's Rivers

November 18: Brian Gelder
Daily Erosion Project Version 2

December 16: Jacklyn Gautsch
Iowa DNR's Wetland Monitoring Program


2014 ILF Webinar Archives

January 15: Jacqueline Comito
"A Culture of Conservation" 10 Years of Iowa Learning Farms

February 19: Mark Tomer
A Framework to Facilitate Conservation Planning in Watersheds using Precision GIS Technologies

March 19: Clare Lindahl
Promoting Conservation

April 16: Rick Cruse
Soil Erosion in Iowa - How Much is Really Happening?

May 21: Chris Anderson
Change in Rainfall Volatility

June 18: Dan Jaynes
Saturated Buffers for Nitrate Removal

July 16: Jesse Randall
Riparian Buffers and Windbreaks

August 20: Ajay Nair
Cover Crops and Vegetable Production

September 17: Tom Isenhart
Streambank Erosion

October 15: Bob Hartzler
Weed Management With Cover Crops

November 19: Mary Harris
Pollinators and STRIPs

December 17: Ingrid Anderson
University of Iowa's Biomass Fuel Project


2013 ILF Webinar Archives

January: Jacqueline Comito and Jon Wolseth
The State's Role in Water Quality: Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners
and the Agricultural Status Quo

February: Mark Rasmussen
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

March: Dan Barker
New Technologies for In-Season Nitrogen Management

April: Andy Larson
Grantsmanship in Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE)

May: Tony Toigo and Patti Cale-Finnegan
Water Resource Restoration Sponsored Projects

June: Lois Wright Morton
Linking and Integrating Water Quality Planning for Action

July: Michael Castellano
Soil Organic Matter Balances in Iowa Cropping Systems

August: Jim Gillespie and Shawn Richmond
Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy

September 18: Jaqueline Comito & Ann Staudt
Water Rocks!

September 23: Vince Sitzmann and Clare Lindahl
Soil and Water Conservation District policy and banking changes

October: no webinar

November 20: Jerry Hatfield
Soil Conservation: The Foundation for Efficient Agriculture

December 18: Bill Crumpton
Wetlands as Nutrient Sinks in Agricultural Landscapes


2012 ILF Webinar Archives

January: Jacqueline Comito
"Steward and Businessman: Farmer Identity in Age of Environmental Uncertainty"
(please excuse the sound quality at the beginning of the session)

February: Chad Hart
"Sustainable Production and Distribution of Bioenergy for the Central USA"

March: David Laird
"Biochar's Contribution to Sustainable Bioenergy Production"

April: Leigh Adcock
Women Caring for the Land

May: Matt Helmers
STRIPs at Neal Smith

June: Ken Moore
Sustainable Cropping Systems for Harvesting Corn Stover for Biomass

July: Nathan Anderson
Visioning Long-Term Sustainability: A Farmer's Perspective

August: Bill Northey
Interview with Iowa Agriculture Secretary at Iowa State Fair

September: Matt Liebman
Keys to Agricultural Sustainability and Resilience: A Scientist's Perspective

October: J. Arbuckle
Farmer Perspectives on Climate Change and Agriculture

November: Amy Kaleita
Advances in Precision Agriculture

December: Keegan Kult
Iowa Soybean Association Bioreactor Results


2011 ILF Webinar Archives

January: Jacqueline Comito
"A Culture of Conservation"

February: Christopher Anderson
"Will the rain ever stop?"

March: Jeremy Singer
Managing Cover Crops

April: Matt Helmers
Nitrogen Management and Water Quality

May: Laura Christianson
Bioreactors: Benefits and Challenges

June: Michelle Soupir
Fate and Transport of Pathogens From Agricultural Landscapes

July: Emily Heaton
Giant Miscanthus and Other Perennial Energy Crops

August: Rick Cruse
Losing Ground

September: Ed Cox
Sustainable Farm Leases

October: Mark Hanna
Farm Energy Efficiency

November: Wayne Petersen
Urban Conservation

December: Ryan Harr
Patch-burn Grazing