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Please note that the opinions of the presenters are not necessarily the views of Iowa Learning Farms.

With the webinar series, ILF is providing a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

August 19, 2015: Tom Kaspar
Reaching the full potential of cover crops in Iowa

July 22, 2015: Mahdi Al-Kaisi
Healthy Soil for a Sustainable Agriculture System

June 17, 2015: Sarah Carlson
Cover crops for Iowa from farmers

May 20, 2015: Rebecca Ohrtman and Jamie Benning
Source Water Protection Program 

April 15, 2015: Tim Youngquist
Spreading prairie strips to Iowa farms
(We are sorry that the visuals on this webinar are of low quality.)

March 18, 2015: Dan Andersen
Manure: An old fertilizer in a precision age

February 18, 2015: Joe Sellers
Cover Crops and Grazing

January 27, 2015: Bill Northey
A Conversation with Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

December 17, 2014: Ingrid Anderson
University of Iowa's Biomass Fuel Project

November 19, 2014: Mary Harris
Pollinators and STRIPs