Webinars | Building a Culture of Conservation

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Please note that the opinions of the presenters are not necessarily the views of Iowa Learning Farms.

With the webinar series, ILF is providing a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

December 14, 2011: Ryan Harr
Patch-burn Grazing

November 16, 2011: Wayne Petersen
Urban Conservation

October 19, 2011: Mark Hanna
Farm Energy Efficiency

September 21, 2011: Ed Cox
Sustainable Farm Leases

August 17, 2011: Rick Cruse
Losing Ground

July 20, 2011: Emily Heaton
Giant Miscanthus and Other Perennial Energy Crops

June 15, 2011: Michelle Soupir
Fate and Transport of Pathogens From Agricultural Landscapes

May 18, 2011: Laura Christianson
Bioreactors: Benefits and Challenges

April 20, 2011: Matt Helmers
Nitrogen Management and Water Quality

March 16, 2011: Jeremy Singer
Managing Cover Crops