Webinars | Building a Culture of Conservation

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Please note that the opinions of the presenters are not necessarily the views of Iowa Learning Farms.

With the webinar series, ILF is providing a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

March 30, 2022: Peter Levi
Discovering Variation in Water Quality Across an Otherwise Uniform Landscape

March 23, 2022: Jennifer Tank
The Two-Stage Ditch: Improving Water Quality in Agricultural Waterways via Floodplain Construction

March 16, 2022: Jill Kostel
Tile Flows, Backhoes and Microbes: Constructed Wetlands for Subsurface Drainage Treatment

March 9, 2022: Ann Johanns
Farmland Leasing Considerations in Conservation Systems Adoption

March 2, 2022: Angie Carter
Women’s Farm Organizations: Protecting Status Quo or Transforming Agriculture?

February 23, 2022: Andrea Basche
Treating Cover Crops Like Cash Crops: Strategies and Opportunities

February 16, 2022: Mark Licht
Redefining the Field Edge Case Studies

February 9, 2022: Dana Kolpin
A Comprehensive Statewide Spatiotemporal Assessment of PFAS in an Agricultural Region of the U.S.

February 2, 2022: Chris Morris
The Conservation Practitioner Poll: Giving Conservation Professionals a Voice

January 26, 2021: Adam Janke and Kaycie Waters
The Iowa Master Conservationist Program: Planting Seeds of Conservation