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Please note that the opinions of the presenters are not necessarily the views of Iowa Learning Farms.

With the webinar series, ILF is providing a resource for the exchange of ideas and information.

November 14, 2018: Matt Helmers
Conservation Learning Labs: Evaluating Nutrient Reduction Practice Implementation at the Delivery Scale

October 17, 2018: Steven Hall
Wet spots as hot spots: Understanding and managing nitrogen losses from hydric soil landscapes

September 19, 2018: Kevin Kuhn
Benefits of Conservation Planning to Farmers, Landowners and Society

August 15, 2018: Marshall McDaniel
Decomposition of Tea as a Low-Cost, Scientifically-Robust Soil Health Indicator
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July 18, 2018: Chuan Tang
Economic Benefits of Nitrogen Reductions in Iowa

June 20, 2018: Sara Berges
Leaving a Conservation Legacy: How to Include Conservation in a Farm Lease and Document Your Conservation Goals

May 16, 2018: Charles Brown
Cover Crops As Part of the Farm Lease Arrangement

April 18, 2018: Dan Jaynes
Update on Saturated Buffers

March 21, 2018: Agren, Inc.
Non-Operator Landowners: A Crucial Piece to Natural Resources Conservation

February 21, 2018: Alison Robertson
Who Knew? Cover Crops, Corn, and Water Molds