Talking With Your Tenant | Building a Culture of Conservation

Talking With Your Tenant

Discussing a new conservation practice with your tenant or landlord can be challenging.  To help begin the conversation, we created a new publication series with talking points and relevant research findings about specific conservation practices. 

If there are practices you think should be covered, please email Liz Ripley at or call 515-294-5429.

Talking With Your Tenant Series:

talking with your tenant series featuring cover crops 
   Cover Crops
   Denitrifying Practices: Wetlands, Bioreactors, Saturated Buffers
   Land Use Changes: Prairie Strips, Perennial Cover, Extended Rotations




Talking With Your Landlord Series:

talking with your landlord series featuring no-tillCover Crops
Saturated Buffers
Rotational Grazing
Land Use Change: Prairie Strips, Perennial Cover, Extended Rotations
Financial Tips
Communication Tips